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Dramatically change the first impression of your car’s interior with these lighted door sill guards!



An OEM fit is the cornerstone of any elegant mod! Don’t fall for the tacky peel-and-stick door sill guards on eBay! These start with the OEM base and are modified. Finally, they are finished with high-quality carbon fiber vinyl wrap.


Superior Lighting

These door sills guards do NOT use LEDs like others on the market. They use Electroluminescent (EL) technology. EL light provides a uniform, non-blinding, soft glow. It’s hard to describe without seeing it in person but perfect for this application!


3D Look

Almost all other door sill guards are just a flat surface. These ones are multi-leveled and pop with a 3D look!


High Quality Install Instructions

Nothing is more frustrating then getting a mod with no good install instructions. You’ll receive a link to YouTube step-by-step instruction video.


Hand Assembled in USA

Each door sill guard is handmade



All products come with a one year warranty!


Lighted GTR Door Sill Guard - Nissan GTR R35

SKU: 0001
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