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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why get footwell lighting?

    • Two words: functionality and style! Our footwell lighting is the perfect tasteful mod to compliment your car's interior color scheme and give it that unique look. All kits are fully dimmable so you can dial it up to the brightness that suits you. People WILL notice :)

  2. What's the big deal with the "Plug and Play" thing?

    • Pretty much all other LED lighting kits require you to splice/cut into wires, access your fusebox, and/or have some ugly cigarette or USB plug always visible. This kit uses a vehicle-specific plug already in your car. This allows for a quick installation, a stealth look, and lights that automatically turn on and off!

  3. Where does the LED footwell lighting kit get power from?

    • The kit uses a plug and play harness that steals power from the glovebox light.

  4. How do you turn the LED footwell lights on?

    • They turn on automatically, no need to hit an ON/OFF button like other LED kits.

  5. What are the True Color LEDs?

    • These are single color LED kits that have one dedicated color. These are necessary for certain colors due to the limitations of RGB LED lighting technology. If your desired color is white, orange, or purple we highly suggest you order one of our True Color LED lighting kits

  6. Do you need special tools or experience to do this install?

    • Nope! All you need is a screwdriver and a wrench! Everything else is included with the installation. No previous install experience is necessary :)​

  7. Don't see your car listed?

    • We now sell a universal lighting kit! If you are still interested in a plug-and-play kit, click here. We are always expanding to more car makes/models/

  8. What is a Core Fee?

    • It's a refundable fee charged to some products. Click here to learn more.

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